Bike Commuter Celebration Station – Ann St

River Path Ann street, Hamilton, New Zealand

Swing past the Bike Waikato stand on your morning bike commuter for some giveaways and vouchers as a reward for getting on your bike.We'll be along Te Awa River Ride, at Ann St, with some biking information and resources, and food and coffee vouchers to keep you going for the last push in the morning.


Beginner Bike Training

Settlement Centre Waikato 46G Boundary Road, Hamilton, New Zealand

The event is for anyone who doesn’t know how to ride a bike. This is a great chance to learn some new skills.By the end of this class most people will learn how to ride a bike. To register please email [email protected] Beginner trainings require a vaccination pass due the closeness of the instructors and participants.

Bike Hub – ABCs of a Bike (Air)

Go Eco 188 Commerce Street, Hamilton, New Zealand

This series of free workshops will give you the skills you need to not only fix and service your own bike, but teach friends and family how to do it too.It's perfect for anyone interested in volunteering in our Bike Hub.Over three weeks you'll learn the ABCs of Bikes.12th Feb: (Air) We look at puncture...

Have a go on a Bike

Settlement Centre Waikato 46G Boundary Road, Hamilton, New Zealand

Unsure about riding or just have ridden a bike for a long time and want to have another go? Come and have fun riding around the park, learn tips and tricks from a qualified cycle skills instructors. Open to anyone all ages. (no registration required)