What We Do

We operate across many areas to help people on bikes. From advocating for better facilities to running fun and informative events and making it easy for people to get on a bike and enjoy the freedom.


We create conversations with Councillors and staff at Councils to promote the need for better transport choices across our towns and city.
We challenge the status quo and advocate for biking infrastructure that encouarges people to get out on a bike. We believe our towns and city can thrive when people can use public spaces in many different ways.

Creating change takes input from everybody. At Bike Waikato we like to make sure we have a relationship with all the players when it come to transport choices, that includes elected members and professionals, but also includes members of the public and people who love the simplicity, function and freedom of a bike.


We regularly write submissions on topics opened out for consultation by local and national authorities.

When necessary these submissions are also advertised to the public to generate additional support.

Councils and Waka Kotahi often advertise items for consultation on their websites as well.

Government Policy Statement (GPS) on Land Transport 2021-2031
Hamilton City Council Biking and Micro-mobility Plan
Hamilton City Council Long Term Plan 2021-2031
Waipa District Council Long Term Plan 2021-2031
Waikato District Council Long Term Plan 2021-2031
Matamata Piako District Council Long Term Plan 2021-2031
Waikato Region Council Land Transport Plan 2021-2051
Climate Change Commission Draft Advice

Do you want to help promote better transport choices?

join us as a volunteer.

Become a Bike Waikato volunteer.


We often host events and rides throughout the year to connect more people with the fun of biking as well as informative presentations and sessions to learn what is happening with projects.
Some of the past events we have run are:

  • Boon Street Art Tours riding to the street art murals through Hamilton CBD, Frankton and Hamilton East
  • Updates on Te Awa River Ride in Cambridge to hear about the final stages of construction and future plans
  • Hamilton’s Transport Future learning about the bike network plans for Hamilton
  • A bike commuter breakfast celebrating people who bike to work
  • Hamilton City Council staff presented on the Technology and Data being implemented to understand bikes in the city

bike valet

What is bike valet?

Bike Valet takes care of your bike and gives you peace of mind.
One of the obstacles to riding to events, markets, concerts, sports games is finding somewhere to securely lock up your bike. Bike Valet is a parking service for your bike that keeps your bike safe and secure until you are ready to leave.

for users

Wherever there is an event with Bike Valet available you will be able to leave your bike in a secure area for free until you are ready to leave. Bike Valet will usually be available 30 mins before the event begins and 30 mins after the event ends.

The process to use Bike Valet is quite simple:
– Turn up with your bike
– Leave your contact details
– We will label it and store it and tell you what number your bike is
– When you are ready to go home come and tell us your bike number
– We will get you your bike and you can head on your way

For event organisers

Providing Bike Valet at your event is a great way to give your attendees that added value experience and rewarding to people who choose to leave the car at home.
The equivalent space of a car park can park 8-10 bicycles.
Bike Waikato can provide you with a turn key service of bike racks, staff and signage to safely store attendees bikes until they are ready to go home.

If you would like Bike Valet at your event get in touch with us.


Did the bike lane just STOP and the intersection was full of traffic?

We all want to see safe, direct and connected bike routes for everyone to use. When surveyed, approximately 60% of the community say they would get out on a bike if they felt safe doing so.

Ungapthemap is a programme of work led by Bike Waikato that gathers gaps in bike networks, maintenance issues and great ideas to understand what people on bikes want and to know what improvements to talk to Councils about.
A gap could be a bike lane that stops and starts each side of an intersection, a bike lane that cars always cross into, maintenance issues or a missing link.

If you have identified any gaps where you like to ride we would love to know about it and help get it improved.

You can tell us about your gap on the form below.

Even better, if you want to volunteer to help us increase the Ungapthemap work you could sign up as a volunteer with us.

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